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Alexander Weygers

"Discopter Coupe"

dimensions: N/A
edition size: N/A
media: canvas
year produced: N/A

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Weygers started drafting the designs for the Discopter based on his vision of improving helicopters, seeing them as unfinished technology, with vulnerable, exposed propellers. Believing that aircraft would be safer if the rotors and all other critical machinery were internalized, he placed them within the discus-shaped shell of his machine. In his design for the Discopter Coupe, Weygers placed the pilot seat above the internal mechanisms, with a bubble-shaped viewing window at the top. Alexander Weygers’ patent was granted in 1944, and only a few years later, the UFO craze arrived. Weygers’ design, with its bubble top and disc shape became archetypical UFO image, and three years later, the Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash pushed the flying saucer into the center of public attention, where to this day it inspires and intrigues millions.