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Alexander Weygers

"up with life"

dimensions: 25.25” x 7.75” x 8.5”
edition size: N/A
media: bronze
year produced: N/A

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Also available in these two sizes: 1/4 life (25.25” x 7.75” x 8.5”) and large scale (53” x 16.5” x 18”)

‘Up with Life‘ was originally carved in wood in the years following World War II, when the world was recovering and rebuilding after the struggle of the previous years. This sculpture is a depiction of hope, the deep capacity of humanity to rise up and overcome tragedy. Even in the face of darkness, life finds a way, and ultimately always triumphs. Though challenge is part of life, each newborn child carries hope for the future, with the love of family and community unifying around that what makes us human, mercy.