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Alexander Weygers

"Central Terminal"

dimensions: 12" x 18"
edition size: N/A
media: mixed media
year produced: N/A

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Also available in these two sizes: 12" x 18" and 22" x 30"

One of Weygers’ visions for the potential impact of the Discopter was the redesigning of the landscape of large cities. Weygers envisioned private and passenger Discopters soaring over cities, with special terminals for takeoff and landing. This image, a reimagining of Chicago, depicts the landing of a large passenger Discopter, with an anchor extending into the water to overcome the craft’s lifting forces and pull it to the water so that it can dock at its slip. The impressive scale of the passenger Discopters is shown here, with people waiting to board appearing as small as ants next to the ship. This fascinating view of what Chicago could have been evokes a feeling of nostalgia for the innovation of past inventors.