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Alexander Weygers

"San Francisco’s Future"

dimensions: 29 x40
edition size: N/A
media: mixed metals
year produced: N/A

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Also available in these two sizes: 13" x 18" and 22" x 30", duotone graphic print 22" x 28"

When Alexander Weygers created the Discopter, he dreamed not only of revolutionizing aviation, but also the structure of cities. Known today for his frugal, sustainable lifestyle, and his love of natural beauty, Weygers envisioned a world of cities where nature could thrive with minimal impact from cars and roads. Envisioning machine traffic soaring overhead, he redesigned San Francisco’s Embarcadero station as a dock for Discopters, with smaller, private models, and larger passenger models for covering longer distances. His passenger models all featured large viewing windows around the edges of the disc, so that the beauty of the city skyline and the natural landscape could be enjoyed. Weygers vision was for a society integrated with the natural world, and though his Discopter was never built, the thought-provoking dream of this legendary innovator continues to inspire hope for what could be.